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Its good to be multi-faceted in a multi-dimensional world.
These services, products, workshops and classes are brought to you with the
same spirit of compassion and love as Shining Light Guidance.

Energy Therapy Practice and Clinic in North Dallas, Tx

Shining Light Energy Works brings Life Energy back into the body. The natural intelligence of the body can then takeover and use that energy to heal itself.

  • Bowenwork is a system of gentle touch therapy that initiates a series of responses throughout the nervous, musculoskeletal and fascial systems and the energetic pathways.
  • As a natural healing system, Reiki assists on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The practitioner serves as a vessel that supplies healing energies where they are most needed.
  • Quantum-Touch is a healing technique to promotes accelerated healing. It uses resonance and entrainment to facilitate high vibrational responses in the body to release pain and stress patterns.
  • Crystal Healing is the laying of stones and crystals on the body at the energy centers, chakras and areas in need of healing.  The unique energy frequencies of the mineral kingdom facilitates balance on all levels and all dimensions.
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Our physical body is alive because of the Life Energy that flows through it. All forms of healing whether traditional, complementary or alternative have an impact on the human subtle energy system.

By understanding how to raise the vibration and bring balance to energy systems, we support the Life Energy in the body. The natural intelligence of the body can then work effectively, using that energy to heal itself.

Our classes include

  • Reiki – The Usui Natural Healing Method series of classes follows the tradition laid down by Mikao Usui.
  • Quantum Touch - is an easy to learn method of hands-on healing that uses the scientific principles of resonance and entrainment – combined with very specific breathing techniques and simple body awareness exercises – to create a powerful, yet natural, field of healing energy.
  • Energy Study Series - This eight class series gives the foundations necessary for energy awareness, protection and healing practices. Learn and experience new levels of connectedness and mindfulness to the energy inside and outside the body.
  • Bowenwork - This introductory class teaches 5 procedures that are easily learned and readily applied to friends and family. These powerful moves are often called "emergency moves" since they address the minor cramps and injuries that occur from day to day.

Each class includes lectures and discussion, class materials, practices and meditations, hands on exercises, and a certificate upon completion. All methods can be combined with other modalities and healing systems.

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These creations have been infused with Reiki Energy; the Life Force that surrounds and animates us. The crystals and stones will perpetually recharge themselves with this energy, sharing that energy with their companion or wearer.


The combinations of minerals in these vital templates were selected based on the specific energetic qualities that contribute to healing and well-being. The energies inherent in these naturally occurring crystals, stones and gems are “universal energies”. Each crystalline structure has its own unique qualities and energy expression. When worn, we accept the support of this Universal Energy to aid us. We naturally attune ourselves to the vibrations of the stones, and thereby activate those energies within ourselves.

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