Services and Offerings

Sessions with Sue

Sue charges for her time and skill,
the love is free.

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Session lengths are 30 minutes and one hour.

Sessions cost is $50/half hour:
30 min = $50, 60 min = $100

Locator Sessions cost is $100 for 1 hour
(see FAQ topic on right side of this page)

Scheduling and paying for sessions
are done online and
can be performed any time, 24 hours a day.

For a Session, follow this two step process:

  1. Select session time and length, then purchase using the button below.
  2. Call Sue at 214-437-2737 at the scheduled time.
    Please be prompt.  Your tardiness does not extend the session time.

Schedule an Appointment Online

The Intuitive Medium's Trifecta

The following session approaches are listed to give you a sense of what Sue offers.  Each client is different and each session is different.  These modes are employed separately or are combined as needed.


Spiritual Counseling

Answers to your questions about your love, life and your path and messages from your Angels, Guide and Higher Self.

Personal Dowsing

Local, long-distance and inter-dimensional information about health, love, business, spiritual and energetic concerns.

Clearing and Protection

Energy, relationship and chakra balancing and tuning, re-patterning the past to reset your future and removing non-beneficial attachments, increasing compatibility to prosperity and comfort on all levels

How much time is needed?

Usually 30 minutes is plenty of time to get as many answers as can be absorbed and understood at one go.  But one hour sessions are sometimes necessary for complicated situations with lots of “moving parts”.

Do sessions ever run long?

Sorry, no.  I have a tight schedule.  Sessions start when you call and stop at the end of your appointment time. If more questions are remaining, then another session must be scheduled and purchased.

Finding lost objects, pets and people - how do Locator Sessions work?

  1. Purchase a One Hour Locator Session and schedule a time you are able to search after getting the location.
  2. Email me, describing
    • what is to be found,
    • when and where they/it went missing

Also include your name and cell phone number

When finding objects, pets and people, it is required to have a map of the area to dowse with.  I’ll print off a map of the area and search for their location.  In the case of inside a building, it would be helpful for you to draw a crude floor plan and email it to me.

When I get a location, I will call you.   You must be prepared to immediately go look in the location(s) I suggest.  Especially live beings—pets and people—they can be mobile and may wander off from their recent location.

When you get to the location call me back and we will work together to find it/them.